do your electrical outlets need replaced?do your electrical outlets need replaced?

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do your electrical outlets need replaced?

When was the last time you took the time to inspect the electrical outlets in your home? Your outlets should be inspected at least once each year. During these inspections, you will determine if the outlets are in good, safe condition or if they need to be replaced. If the outlets need to be replaced, you have two options - do the work yourself or hire an electrician to do the work for you. This blog can help you determine if the outlets need to be replaced and give you an idea if you are up to the task of replacing them yourself.

Hire A Professional When You're Facing Any Of These Three Electrical Jobs

A significant number of electrical jobs around the home are suitable to perform on your own, provided you have the right assortment of tools and a degree of understanding about the task at hand. For example, many homeowners can successfully change a hanging light fixture by carefully following the provided instructions and, of course, remembering the necessary safety steps. With other jobs, however, a novice approach can result in anything from a poorly executed project to one that can increase the risk of a fire in your home. When you face one of these jobs, it's crucial to connect with an electrician and hire him or her to handle the task. Here are three such jobs.

Light Fixtures That Flicker

While it's possible that a flickering light fixture is simply the result of a wire that isn't firmly connected, there's also a chance that the issue lies deep inside your wall or even at your home's circuit breaker panel. Trying to fix this issue on your own can be like finding a needle in a haystack; you won't know where to look. An electrician will be able to use tools such as a multimeter, coupled with his or her years of experience, to check the current strength at the light fixture and determine the cause of your problem. If it relates to your circuit breaker panel, only a trained professional should change the individual breakers.

Wall Outlet That Causes Breaker Panel Tripping

If you've noticed that plugging two separate appliances or electrical devices into one wall unit consistently causes the appropriate circuit breaker panel to trip, it's possible that there's an issue with the outlet itself or that the breaker isn't strong enough to support your devices. In either case, an electrician will be able to assess the nature of the problem and, if necessary, upgrade the breaker in question so that inconvenient trips are a thing of the past for you.

Wall Switch That Shocks

A wall switch in your home that provides mild electrical shocks on occasion is a major concern. It's indicative of a problem with the wiring which can mean in addition to the shocking issue, there's also a heightened risk of a fire if electrical currents are flowing where they shouldn't. Your home electrician will evaluate the reason for the problem, which could be a faulty installation of the switch. He or she will then fix or replace the switch to ensure that there's no more risk of shocks or fires.