do your electrical outlets need replaced?do your electrical outlets need replaced?

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do your electrical outlets need replaced?

When was the last time you took the time to inspect the electrical outlets in your home? Your outlets should be inspected at least once each year. During these inspections, you will determine if the outlets are in good, safe condition or if they need to be replaced. If the outlets need to be replaced, you have two options - do the work yourself or hire an electrician to do the work for you. This blog can help you determine if the outlets need to be replaced and give you an idea if you are up to the task of replacing them yourself.

Repair Or Replace? Tips For Tackling Swimming Pool Pump Problems.

If your swimming pool pump is malfunctioning, grinding, leaking or otherwise acting up, you might be wondering if you should repair or replace it. Before you invest in a whole new pump that you might not need, it's important to understand when it's best to call a repair technician or replace the pump entirely. Here's a look at a few basics of pool pump problems and some deciding factors to help you choose between repair and replacement.

Where Is the Problem?

The first step is to determine if the problem is in the pump or the motor. The motor itself is usually the back portion of the pump assembly with the pump components in the front. The two halves are separated by a seal, which keeps the motor section dry.

If the pump isn't running, is overheating or runs very loudly and makes squealing noises, it's likely caused by damage to the motor. Sometimes, it's a result of worn or damaged shaft bearings. The pump itself often exhibits malfunctions in things such as leaking, clogging or potentially cracking in the basket or the diffuser.

Narrowing down the source of the problem can help you evaluate the repair cost and determine if you should repair or replace the unit.

When to Repair the Pump?

If your swimming pool pump is only a few years old, it's usually in your best interest to repair it. Unless the cost of the repairs will exceed the price of a new pump, you can usually get several extra years from a fairly new pump if you have it repaired. For example, if your pump is only four or five years old, it's probably a worthy investment to repair it if the repair costs aren't extensive.

When to Replace the Pump?

If your pool pump is reaching the end of it's typical usable life according to the manufacturer, you may find it best to simply replace it if it's malfunctioning. If the pump isn't properly sized for the pool, that's another good reason to replace it, because you can change the pump size to better fit the pool. In addition, upgrading your pump may give you the chance to upgrade to a lower flow or reduced horsepower version.

Don't leave your swimming pool pump out of service for more than a day or so during the peak summer temperatures, because the water needs to be kept moving to keep it clean and safe for swimming. Call a pool pump repair technician or a company like Midway Electric Inc right away to diagnose the problem and help you decide how to proceed.