do your electrical outlets need replaced?do your electrical outlets need replaced?

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do your electrical outlets need replaced?

When was the last time you took the time to inspect the electrical outlets in your home? Your outlets should be inspected at least once each year. During these inspections, you will determine if the outlets are in good, safe condition or if they need to be replaced. If the outlets need to be replaced, you have two options - do the work yourself or hire an electrician to do the work for you. This blog can help you determine if the outlets need to be replaced and give you an idea if you are up to the task of replacing them yourself.

Adding A Wall Outlet For A Wireless Router

Wireless routers are most effective if they are positioned in a higher spot in a room. However, you may have trouble reaching the nearest electrical outlet without an unsightly and obtrusive extension cord dangling down your wall. It's quite simple to add an additional outlet by connecting it to an existing outlet in the room. All you need is a few tools and supplies. What you will need: The outlet and a cover plate. Read More